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    Quattroporte Duo Select or Auto advice !

    Hi All I am looking to get a Quattroporte up to £25k and am after some advice re the car to buy, it is to replace my Audi S8 2007 V10 that I bought 4 years ago when looking for a QP, at the time the dealer had a couple of QP's but I saw the audi and it was such a good buy i opted for that ...
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    General Hello and HUGE buying advice - you NEED Marios/Autoshield Maserati!

    Hi everyone Just got into the Maserati world after years of dreaming! I wanted to let people know how careful people should be in buying a Maserati. I bought a 4200 with Gran Sport wheels without someone checking it over. Although the car looked and drove well with SH, when they decided to...