1. I

    Quattroporte Duo Select or Auto advice !

    Hi All I am looking to get a Quattroporte up to £25k and am after some advice re the car to buy, it is to replace my Audi S8 2007 V10 that I bought 4 years ago when looking for a QP, at the time the dealer had a couple of QP's but I saw the audi and it was such a good buy i opted for that ...
  2. B

    QP V Duoselect Clutch replacement, London or nearby

    Good evening, I have a QP v duoselect which had a worn clutch reading of 85% 2 years ago from it's last service at HR owen. I've driven it since without any issues up until last night. It won't go into reverse, just makes a clicking sound and remains in N. It goes into D/1 sluggishly but...
  3. jluis

    3200 clutch from sachs

    Hi, I have bought an extra clutch pressure plate and bearing from old Sachs stock for the 3200 that I'm now selling. Bearing - 120£ Pressure plate - 240£ Brand new in the box.
  4. drewf

    Clutch software versions and possible upgrades

    Haven't seen this on here before, but apologies if it's already somewhere and I haven't found it: This table shows the possible software versions in each model, and what is possible for downloaded upgrades. It seems the later the software, the better the expected clutch life, I believe mostly...
  5. k99

    Great job by Shiltech in Loughborough

    GS needed new clutch and possible release bearing change. Took it to Shiltech as they sounded like they knew what they were doing and priced the job at a very reasonable cost. When they got the clutch apart, the noise I was getting when coming to a rest and pulling away turned out to be the...
  6. urbanmaser

    Fly wheel on Gransport

    If one is changing the clutch is it worth changing the fly wheel at the same time???? I don't know how expensive a fly wheel is or in deed if it needs changing.