1. stewarttownsend

    Offer for Sports Maserati Members in the UK - best detailing products on the planet.

    Afternoon All So having left corporate life to take some time out I decided to setup two companies oh and do consulting around SaaS and Channel.... yes no rest one of the companies is supplying detailing products that working with my business partners we have sourced at present a range that...
  2. c4sman

    Professional Detail - Is it worth it?

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  3. alfawestlancashire

    Cleaning and Detailing. (printable)

    The out side of the car .......... Ensure all doors are shut and widows are up, yes I left a rear window slightly down once and with a pressure washer the interior was soaked and the white cloth roof was stained.. Do not worry it was an older car and not the Alfa. Begin to wash the car...
  4. rotorheadcase

    Wolf's Body Wrap

    Hi all, I thought I'd share a new detailing product that I've just applied to my car... As my wife will attest, I'm quite fussy with the paint on my car and have a cupboard full of various waxes, polishes and sealants etc. I spend a fair bit of time on keeping it looking as good as a 10...