1. Sommi

    The "Engine Control System Fault"...

    ... light and error has come on over the weekend! I have booked it in with Autofficina to diagnose early tomorrow morning. The car is running as it should with no obvious or noticeable issues. Anything to check or dreaded fault codes to look out for while at the garage? Hopefully...
  2. alfawestlancashire

    Worlds Smallest V12 Petrol Engine

    This is a video of the making of the worlds smallest V12 petrol engine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3KdpzL3Hkk :thumb1:
  3. 3

    Need replacement engine for 3200 GTA

    Hi Sports Maserati Forum members Help needed in Oslo Norway. My Maserati 3200GTA (99-model) needs the engine replaced. Question 1: Any one that has an 3200GTA engine in good condition for sale? Question 2: Any experience with fitting an 4200 engine in a 3200GTA? Thank you for all...