1. AKCH01

    Granturismo S 2011 F1 Exhaust Valve Closed in SPORT mode

    Hi all, New owner of a 2011 Granturismo S MC Shift circa 21k miles Sport button has been working fine until I got in this morning to find the sport button not opening the exhaust valves. When vehicle is off they are open. They stay open during startup and close once there is engine vacuum...
  2. S

    Gransport Centre Silencer/X Pipe

    Used but in perfectly good condition OEM Gransport centre box/X pipe which came off my old GS when i fitted the larini system. Open to offers, collection only.
  3. steve1faith

    qp parts for sale inc h and r wheel spacers , springs and exhausts

    hi (wheel spacers now sold) i have all 4 standard suspension springs from my quattroporte 2005 in excellent condition and both rear exhaust pipes plus the centre resenator to sell , please email or text me 07920 421634 for pics or ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122857619209
  4. Razz

    Surely not another exhaust question?

    I thought there might be a prize for the millionth exhaust question, so here goes I have a 2009 QP 4.7s and would quite like to get hold of the chrome oval tip mufflers as on a QP 4.7 GTS Can anyone tell me the right part numbers? Does anyone want to sell me a used pair? Or point me on...
  5. Razz

    QP GTS rear mufflers

    Good evening to all, a fine and warm one for most I trust. I'm trying to find used rear mufflers for a QP GTS - the chrome oval one with valve controls. Anyone know where I might find a competitive pair? And if anyone knows of a kit to connect valve control to the vacuum pump that would...
  6. steve1faith

    quattroporte back boxes and resonator for sale

    i have both back boxes and the centre resonator from my 2005 qp for sale in excellent condition , collection from surrey gu21 area open to offers
  7. B

    Identifying my 3200 exhaust

    Have you guys got any thoughts, is it stock?
  8. rivarama

    GT 4.2 exhaust mod... Do-able?

    I just stumbled upon that post on ML, highlighting an interest mod on the QP, and was wondering whether that mod would also doable on a GT... http://www.maseratilife.com/forums/quattroporte/62737-quattroporte-exhaust.html The videos sound pretty cool... Would be interested to get your...
  9. Sommi

    Exhaust notes - Larini on MY04MAS

    Hi All I did a test video to try out by new Mobius cam a few days ago. Finally got time to edit out the unneccesary bits and upload it. It may help those who are looking to go for this upgrade. Link: https://youtu.be/TyfBqzaYU9I Its pretty dark so not much to see but its all about the...
  10. M

    Used Larini Maserati 4200 rear boxes - pair - non valved.

    I bought these some time ago as used items for my Maserati 2002 4200 - but never got around to fitting them. They have languished in my garage ever since. They have couple of small dents and marks presumably from the dreaded speed humps - but are stainless and these will not be seen underneath...
  11. S

    Original 4.7 QP exhaust vs only X-pipe changed.

    I don't want the exhaust to be too loud. I was thinking of changing the X-pipe only. I think I am going for the Larini X-pipe. I was wondering how much louder the X-pipe is going to make. If I am not wrong, the original pipe have a muffler in it. Can anyone give me a figure of how loud...
  12. S

    WANTED! Quattroporte S 4.7 sports exhaust!

    Hi, Looking for a set of sports exhaust for my 4.7 QP, the original exhaust is too quiet in my mind and would like something noisy. I want to keep the maserati Growl and would really like to find a second hand at the right price. my vehicle is an 2010 vehicle so would like to find...
  13. rviscont

    Coupe/4200 Secondary pipe larini looklike (hand made)

    HI, Are you interested in hand made secondary pipes that removes the squashed pipe and also the secondary cat? I am very pleased with the results in terms of perfomance and sound on my 4200 Cambiocorsa. The cost of a pair is 400 Pounds + shipping costs. If there are at least 10 people...
  14. S

    Whats the best sounding exhaust for Granturismo?

    Have a standard 4.2 exhaust on my GT but really want something a bit better, was listening to the different ones on youtube..tubi, Larini, 4.7s etc... Only had mine a week and do not know much about them. Advice Anyone? or has anyone changed theres and happy/unhappy?
  15. T10YYY

    Proud owner of GT...some questions about exhaust and spoiler.

    I have finally found my dream 4.2 v8 Granturismo in Black with Avorio. The only addition i have ordered is the 4.7L GTS back boxes which I will be fitting next week!- very excited. I see some of you have made the GTS conversion. I was thinking about the Larini but unfortunately i didnt want to...
  16. K

    Exhaust question

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the GT Sport and MC Stradale exhaust. An MC Stradale lives along the road from me and it sounds markedly different from my normal and sport mode exhaust. As the Sport has an uprated output now, I always wondered what was actually different...
  17. B

    Tubi Style exhausts for 4200 Coupe / Spyder

    Since I wanted my car to be 100% stock again, I am offering for sale a pair of Tubi Style exhausts (back boxes) for the 4200 Coupe / Spyder. They had just been fitted to the car when I bought it and have only been used for approx. 600-800 miles, hence they are in perfect condition. Excellent...