1. S

    Maserati announcement at Goodwood?

    Hey guys. Received an invite from HR Owen for complimentary tickets to Goodwood with the following in the invite: "The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a must-see event for any automotive enthusiast. And this year, Maserati presence at Goodwood promises to be a very special one. That's why...
  2. rockits

    Goodwood festival of speed ticket - highest offer gets it

    Unfortunately to a double booking I have to admit there is no way of me making FOS this year. My wife has organised something like 30 odd father & sons from my sons school camping in our garden. Therefore I have a spare ticket for Saturday 27th June for general entry that cost me something...
  3. Alfaspecial

    Goodwood Revival September 12th to 14th Anyone else going?

    It's only 4 weeks away. :numberone: