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    Maserati announcement at Goodwood?

    Hey guys. Received an invite from HR Owen for complimentary tickets to Goodwood with the following in the invite: "The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a must-see event for any automotive enthusiast. And this year, Maserati presence at Goodwood promises to be a very special one. That's why...
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    Does anyone know this GRANCABRIO Might be interested in it and just wondered if anyone knew about it.
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    Advice on used Grancabrio

    Dear all, for the last 6 months I have been considering buying a Grancabrio. My max budget is around 60K which limits me to cars from 2010/2011. I am slightly concerned with buying such an old car - am I right to be? Some have around 30K miles on the clock; are the grancabs proving reliable...
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    looking for a Grandcabrio MC 2010 / 2011

    Hi I very new to this so if I'm doing this wrong please let me know.... I'm looking for a Grancabrio private sale any exterior colour but a dark interior with Bose, parking, switchable exhaust sound full service history. I have 50k to spend on the right car Many thanks