1. Ruta

    MC Stradale purchase!

    New member based in clapham, London... In December I decided to take the dive into Italian sports car ownership with a 2017 GranTurismo MC Stradale. Absolutely loving it. Hello to all!
  2. UlstermanAbroad

    Confused by GT gearbox oil change.

    Hi Guys Bit of advice would be very gratefully received. Intending to change the gearbox oil, filter etc. which is the last part of the major service and respray that the car was due when I bought it. Am using a trusted local indy for servicing. I read somewhere that one oil lubricates...
  3. UlstermanAbroad

    Help! Question about transmission servicing and parts required.

    Hi Guys Hoping to tap into your collective expertise. Have Googled the issue, with no result. I'm getting the transmission fluid and filter changed on my '08 GT. However, I'm not 100% sure of the exact parts that I need to order from Eurospares. I'm guessing that the correct parts are...
  4. S

    Maserati announcement at Goodwood?

    Hey guys. Received an invite from HR Owen for complimentary tickets to Goodwood with the following in the invite: "The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a must-see event for any automotive enthusiast. And this year, Maserati presence at Goodwood promises to be a very special one. That's why...
  5. UlstermanAbroad

    Any advice on an audio upgrade from the standard factory spec?

    Hi Guys So having convinced me on getting an x pipe, there's only one other thing I'd like to change for now and that's the ICE. Has anyone fitted a Bose system after purchase or another combination of kit, that you'd recommend? Truth be told, I do mostly listen to the exhaust note...
  6. UlstermanAbroad

    GranTurismo 4.2 The big battery debate

    Hi Guys So, my Maserati (labelled) battery appears to be goosed. Which isn't surprising, as the previous owner had the car sitting for long periods with no trickle charger. I searched our gold mine here and the last relevant thread on batteries seems to have been around 2014 ish. Just wondering...
  7. UlstermanAbroad

    Service Consumables - GT 4.2

    Hi Guys Getting a major service done at the local specialist and he's okay with me supplying the consumables. Doing some Googling and see that HR Owen offer a service kit for £240 on eBay. (eBay item number:331806106160) Is this good value and might it be a saving on what I'd typically...
  8. UlstermanAbroad

    Finally! The patter of 20" rubber :)

    Sincere thanks to everyone who showed endless patience with my newb questions, until I discovered that these same questions had been asked and answered many times before and were archived in these various forum pages. After eight months of looking at Astons, Jags and others, on Friday I took...
  9. A

    Advice for a newbie...

    Hi all I'm new to Maserati, but seriously considering taking the plunge. Currently I have a Lotus Evora (NA), but fancy something a little more refined, and have always loved the Granturismo. I found this, and it's within budget and I like the low milage...
  10. UlstermanAbroad

    Help! Anyone have any knowledge of this Granturismo?

    Hi Guys Noticed this on AutoTrader last night and have agreed a price subject to inspection and due diligence etc. Given your collective encyclopedic knowledge of all things Maserati, I thought it wise to run this past you, in case anyone has come across this car or has any helpful...
  11. J

    ( Right Door open) sign on dashboard, Alarm light blinking/ Car not locking

    Hi guys, I tinted the windows on my granturismo yesterday evening. After the guy finished, the car stopped locking completely. I cant lock unlock the car using the buttons inside the car, nor the buttons on the remote key. Also, the right door light on the dash board is on. The door is...
  12. rivarama

    GT 4.2 exhaust mod... Do-able?

    I just stumbled upon that post on ML, highlighting an interest mod on the QP, and was wondering whether that mod would also doable on a GT... The videos sound pretty cool... Would be interested to get your...
  13. c4sman

    Hello! .... Granturismo advice

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and got pointed here from Pistonheads. After years of Porsche ownership I am gearing up for the leap into a Grantursimo. I currently have a 997 turbo cab which is a keeper for now, but a new job means low miles for my family car and I have fallen in love...
  14. J

    Help Needed! 2008 GranTurismo issue - Solenoid or Variator?

    Hi All, thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide :) :omg: I have just bought a Maserati Granturismo 57 plate 32,000 miles privately. The car clearly has an issue as the engine management light comes on now and again. The car makes a strange rumbling noise in very low...
  15. S

    Whats the best sounding exhaust for Granturismo?

    Have a standard 4.2 exhaust on my GT but really want something a bit better, was listening to the different ones on youtube..tubi, Larini, 4.7s etc... Only had mine a week and do not know much about them. Advice Anyone? or has anyone changed theres and happy/unhappy?
  16. S

    £599 for Granturismo wheel alinement normal?

    Got my Granturismo booked in with Maserati today and costing £599 inc vat.... anyone had similar experience or know of anywhere I could of gone to in the midlands a bit cheaper? as long as I get value for money I don't mind, just seemed a bit expensive lol
  17. Monacochap

    Newbie arrived

    Hi everybody, Just purchased first Maserati. V. Excited GT 4.2 2008 Noor just sorted me some mercury grey neptunes and has spacers, springs and Larini exhaust coming next week. Its been really useful reading the threads on this site whilst making my decision to purchase which wavered between...
  18. K

    Rear quarter badge

    Can someone tell me where I can easily get a replacement side trident badge for my 2013 gt sport? A small section snapped off when it was getting a new year wash. I know I can probably get one for the dealer, but I was sure I saw something on here about spare parts. Eurospares don't seem to have...