gts exhaust

  1. Razz

    QP GTS rear mufflers

    Good evening to all, a fine and warm one for most I trust. I'm trying to find used rear mufflers for a QP GTS - the chrome oval one with valve controls. Anyone know where I might find a competitive pair? And if anyone knows of a kit to connect valve control to the vacuum pump that would...
  2. T10YYY

    4.7 L GTS exhaust on my 4.2 GT- Video

    Hey guys, This is my 4.2 GT with the new GTS 4.7 Exhaust- Valves always open. I ended getting the black quad tips??? I thought its meant to be Oval? Is there a difference between these tips and the Oval tip version? Anyway the video doesn't do it justice. Sounds much better in reality...