1. Thatch

    Headlight problem on 2007 GranTurismo

    After buying the car 2 months ago with the Offside headlight not working, I though - "not a problem, should be able to sort that myself". How wrong I was! - Initial investigation by garage traced it to the Ballast unit, which I sourced new unit on ebay (£140) plus all the investigation...
  2. T10YYY

    DRL 2013 LED headlights retrofit into 2008 GT

    What do you guys think of this: http://www.maseratilife.com/forums/granturismo/20191-led-headlights-my-2013-a.html I really like this LED headlight upgrade! Has anyone here done it yet and would it be plug and play? Also seems like we need to remove the front bumper to fit. Is that an easy...