1. G

    05-06 Maserati Gransport Full Racing Exhaust for sale

    Full stainless aviation grade T316 steel Condition is like new. Driven / cruise on it for a few thousand clicks only during sunny weekends. The sound of it is amazing. It sounded like a F1/F430 higher pitch when you step on the throttle especially in tunnel areas. Larini Front Race Pipe...
  2. Animaserati

    Scuderia Scaglieti - West London Independent Dealer - Anyone Experienced them?

    Newbie here, so first and foremost, a big hello to all of you lovely likeminded Maserati lovers! I drive a fully blacked out Nero Carbonio 2010 Maserati Granturismo S Auto (, and along with the common options, its got a real party piece too: Valve...
  3. Sommi

    Exhaust notes - Larini on MY04MAS

    Hi All I did a test video to try out by new Mobius cam a few days ago. Finally got time to edit out the unneccesary bits and upload it. It may help those who are looking to go for this upgrade. Link: Its pretty dark so not much to see but its all about the...
  4. M

    Used Larini Maserati 4200 rear boxes - pair - non valved.

    I bought these some time ago as used items for my Maserati 2002 4200 - but never got around to fitting them. They have languished in my garage ever since. They have couple of small dents and marks presumably from the dreaded speed humps - but are stainless and these will not be seen underneath...
  5. rviscont

    Coupe/4200 Secondary pipe larini looklike (hand made)

    HI, Are you interested in hand made secondary pipes that removes the squashed pipe and also the secondary cat? I am very pleased with the results in terms of perfomance and sound on my 4200 Cambiocorsa. The cost of a pair is 400 Pounds + shipping costs. If there are at least 10 people...
  6. S

    Whats the best sounding exhaust for Granturismo?

    Have a standard 4.2 exhaust on my GT but really want something a bit better, was listening to the different ones on youtube..tubi, Larini, 4.7s etc... Only had mine a week and do not know much about them. Advice Anyone? or has anyone changed theres and happy/unhappy?
  7. M

    Larini perf. mufflers auction ends in 15 hrs.!

    Hello there, Just passing the word around of this pair of Maserati Larini performance mufflers $1,500.00 auction start. Details in auction... Ebay item number 380358130251 Thanks