1. Reywas

    SIM Card / Infotainment Upgrade

    Good afternoon one and all. May I pester you for some advise again? I've upgraded my 2011 GTS infotainment - and it looks epic. Apple Carplay / Spotify is dream. However, I’ve purchased an O2 SIM card with 120gb data per month. The sim card is already installed in the glove box... I'm just...
  2. AKCH01

    Granturismo S 2011 F1 Exhaust Valve Closed in SPORT mode

    Hi all, New owner of a 2011 Granturismo S MC Shift circa 21k miles Sport button has been working fine until I got in this morning to find the sport button not opening the exhaust valves. When vehicle is off they are open. They stay open during startup and close once there is engine vacuum...
  3. orbitalcombustion

    Maserati Quattroporte 4.2L / 4.7L (2004-2012) High Power ECM Peformance Chip & Drive By Wire Enhancement Module for Quattroporte (AUTOMATICA)

    Gents, I have unused ECM and DBW modules for a Maserati Quattroporte 4.2L/4.7L (2004-2012 models), looking to sell them as a pair or individually, whichever comes first. I have seen these in action and they are impressive. Obviously these have to be programmed to your VIN number by Formula...
  4. UlstermanAbroad

    Biturbo Spyder

    If anyone has or knows of a late model Biturbo Spyder that may be for sale, I'd be interested in receiving specifics. I'd prefer RHD, but will consider LHD. Low miles, FSH. I'd consider a project car, providing there's little left to do. No particular urgency. I have one project car to make...
  5. UlstermanAbroad

    Where to source a specialist inspection, for a car in Thetford.

    Hi Guys I've done a deal, subject to inspection, on a Biturbo Spyder in the Thetford area. Is McGrath Maserati the closest, reputable specialist, or would you be able to recommend someone closer? If there's only a few miles in it, I'll stick with McGrath, as they've been of help...
  6. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati feature on tonight's Top Gear

    This is the first time that I've tuned into ersatz Top Gear in ages, however and surprisingly, this episode featured a rather exceptional looking Maserati! Check out the iPlayer for your viewing pleasure! :lol2:
  7. UlstermanAbroad

    Temporary Insurance - Provider recomendations?

    Hi Guys Picking up a Biturbo Spyder in Manchester tomorrow and ringing around to arrange temporary cover of a day or two. Just enough time to drive the car back and put it in storage. I've searched here, but the only thread I could find was a few years old and didn't mention any...
  8. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati Biturbo Spyder for sale on Autotrader

    Hi Guys Saw this last night. Wondering if anyone has tripped over this car or has any useful info. Am a tad cautious, as the seller is an unknown. Cheers :)...
  9. UlstermanAbroad

    Biturbo 222e

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone knows this car or its owner, Colin Barratt. Offer placed and accepted, based on McGrath history. Plan would be to store it long term. Cheers :)...
  10. steve1faith

    quattroporte back boxes and resonator for sale

    i have both back boxes and the centre resonator from my 2005 qp for sale in excellent condition , collection from surrey gu21 area open to offers
  11. K

    Maserati 3200 Spyder Review by Richard Hammond

    Hey guys check out this men and motors review by Richard Hammond.
  12. J

    Help Needed! 2008 GranTurismo issue - Solenoid or Variator?

    Hi All, thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide :) :omg: I have just bought a Maserati Granturismo 57 plate 32,000 miles privately. The car clearly has an issue as the engine management light comes on now and again. The car makes a strange rumbling noise in very low...
  13. C

    Maserati Spyder 2002 Paddle Shift

    We have the pleasure of offering this stunning Maserati Spyder wrapped in attractive red paintwork and lush cream leather interior. This soft top convertible is the best of both worlds and a Maserati at the end of the day. Great service history and the right car to tour in and use for every...
  14. C

    Maserati Indy, right Hand Drive, Automatic

    A very rare Maserati Indy right hand drive automatic. When Maserati wanted to replace the Sebring, it opted for a car that was far sleeker and much more mordern. looking similar to the Ghibli, the Indy was a 2+2 that was based on the Quattroporte's chassis - it also used the same 4.1-litre V8 as...
  15. C

    Maserati Kyalami 4.2 Right Hand Drive, Manual

    This very rare motor car built in 1980 when Maserati was in the hands of DeTomaso and GEPI the Italian goverment the car was launched as Maserati's flag ship the Longchamp. Named after the race track Kyalami and desgined by American Tom Tjaarda, chief designer at Ghia it was launched at the...
  16. doodlebug

    Quattroporte spotted

    Silver/Bianco Fuji in Sydney on Saturday by my daughter - Reg * 452. She has sent a photo and can post if interested. Anyone on here?
  17. J