mc shift

  1. AKCH01

    Granturismo S 2011 F1 Exhaust Valve Closed in SPORT mode

    Hi all, New owner of a 2011 Granturismo S MC Shift circa 21k miles Sport button has been working fine until I got in this morning to find the sport button not opening the exhaust valves. When vehicle is off they are open. They stay open during startup and close once there is engine vacuum...
  2. c4sman

    What's your GTS MC Shift technique?

    Early days for me, but a feathering of the throttle as you request an up shift to smooth things out, or keep it pinned for a true "MC" quick shift when flat out. Interestingly the manual suggest not lifting even for a normal gear change. How do you do it? Also, how do I avoid kangarooing...