1. Sommi

    Great roads in Wales

    I had a lovely outing in Wales recently. Found the scenery and roads absolutely fabulous and enjoyed driving a lot. Stayed in Brecon Beacons and went up to Tenby as well. Also the people are so helpful and polite. I am thinking of buying in Tenby area now! Recorded a couple of quick runs down...
  2. Sommi

    Heartache :(

    It has been wonderful start to the new year till now. Have had a couple of people winding down windows to let me know how great the car sounds, people coming over in the car parks to discuss and acknowledge the beauty that lies in Maserati Objects d'art. I personally spent Saturday re-washing...
  3. Sommi

    Exhaust notes - Larini on MY04MAS

    Hi All I did a test video to try out by new Mobius cam a few days ago. Finally got time to edit out the unneccesary bits and upload it. It may help those who are looking to go for this upgrade. Link: Its pretty dark so not much to see but its all about the...