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    Winter Battery Problems

    Hi everyone, So my QP battery isn't behaving. Mines a 2008 QP Sport GT (pre facelift version). Battery randomly went flat within a week after a bit of a cold spell. After jumping it I tested the alternator and no problems there. 13-14V no problem. It charged and seemed fine. One week...
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    NavTrak / Boot Release

    Hi Guys, new to this. Just bought a 2007 Gran Turismo. I found this forum useful (through Google) so thought I'd share this just in case it helps anybody else. Bought the car...Activated the Navtrak, that was pre-installed. Next morning the car's battery was flat...had to be the Navtrak...
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    Might not bother with NAVtrak for another year

    I've just got my renewal through from NAVtrak, and I cant see the benefit as this year there are loads of GPS trackers available on the market. Effectively the service you get from NAVtrak (for £300+) is that they call you when the car is started and tell you where it currently is. They...