1. S

    Brake Disc and Pads QP 4.7

    2010 QP S 4.7 Brake Disc and Pads. (FRONT) Hi Guys, I would like to know whether i can get aftermarket parts for my QP 4.7 (6 pot) brakes. I've called up Maserati dealers and they are charging around 2300 pounds for the front Disc and Brakes. Are there alternatives or OE or some other...
  2. PJZ

    EBC Red/Yellow Stuff Reviews?

    Afternoon all, I've just put my GTS in for service and apparently I need new disc / pads all round...among other expensive things like suspension bushes and springs! Not too happy considering I bought the car from them 11 months ago and only done around 4k miles...anyway...I'm waiting to get...