qp v

  1. A

    New Aircon Fan

    Hi, My 2008 (prefacelift) qp v sport gt has a knackered aircon fan. Any ideas where i can get one? Anyone changed one themselves? Giallo cars were looking for a reconditioned one for me (theyre always helpful) but no luck. Cheers
  2. R

    Looking for my Maserati reg HF11EVV White

    I am looking for a White Mserati QP GTS that I sold in September 2015, and now due some very personal reasons I would really like to buy it back, time is an issue for me. The dealer I sold it through is not being helpful as he keeps saying he will speak to the buyer but nothing. I would...
  3. drewf

    QP Spare wheel - solved

    After a fair amount of searching, I think I've found an almost perfect cheap (£50) solution: Mitsubishi GTO alloy space-saver. Has exactly the right PCD and equally important, exactly the same bore. It arrived this morning, and in 15 minutes I'd proved to myself that it works just fine...