1. Sommi

    Larini Sports Cats split in half! What next?

    Hi All As above. I was driving at about 30 mph in second gear Thursday eve and the sound suddenly changed from "normal" to a Ducatti de-catted motorbike like. No driving issue though. Had it up on a ramp today and found out the off=side sports cats is split in half. The garage who are...
  2. Sommi

    Heartache :(

    It has been wonderful start to the new year till now. Have had a couple of people winding down windows to let me know how great the car sounds, people coming over in the car parks to discuss and acknowledge the beauty that lies in Maserati Objects d'art. I personally spent Saturday re-washing...
  3. E

    ZF Automatic gear box "learning"

    I think I've read that the ZF gearbox adjusts to the style of the driver. Is there any hard documentation on this? As an experiment I've started to pump my foot on the loud pedal just to see what would ensue (apart from noise and excitement). Don't know if it's just wish fulfillment but the car...