1. M

    4200 / Spyder rear Antenna

    Hi all, As I'm looking to buy a Maserati Spyder, I'm encountering a lots of different car models and versions (MY02, MY03, etc..). I've noticed differences in the rear antenna. Sometimes the car has a rear antenna ant sometimes not. This seems not be dependent on the car version, as for...
  2. UlstermanAbroad

    Biturbo Spyder project question. Number 1. ;)

    Hi Guys So, after a winter break, am finally getting to grips with both of my project cars. With a dead battery and bonnet release in the passenger footwell which appears to be broken, any suggestions on how I access the engine bay, without resorting to a tin opener? Any ideas very...
  3. UlstermanAbroad

    Biturbo Spyder

    If anyone has or knows of a late model Biturbo Spyder that may be for sale, I'd be interested in receiving specifics. I'd prefer RHD, but will consider LHD. Low miles, FSH. I'd consider a project car, providing there's little left to do. No particular urgency. I have one project car to make...
  4. UlstermanAbroad

    Where to source a specialist inspection, for a car in Thetford.

    Hi Guys I've done a deal, subject to inspection, on a Biturbo Spyder in the Thetford area. Is McGrath Maserati the closest, reputable specialist, or would you be able to recommend someone closer? If there's only a few miles in it, I'll stick with McGrath, as they've been of help...
  5. UlstermanAbroad

    Maserati Biturbo Spyder for sale on Autotrader

    Hi Guys Saw this last night. Wondering if anyone has tripped over this car or has any useful info. Am a tad cautious, as the seller is an unknown. Cheers :)...
  6. R

    4200 spyder roof lining

    We have just discovered that mice have eaten the roof lining on our 2003 spyder. Does anyone know of a company that repairs roofs or is it cheaper to by a new part (which I think is 6724100)
  7. K

    Maserati 3200 Spyder Review by Richard Hammond

    Hey guys check out this men and motors review by Richard Hammond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPM3O1HkRaE
  8. M

    Stunning Spyder for sale, great colour combination

    2 door, semi automatic, Convertible, 43,500 miles. Metallic Grigio Nuvolari, July 2002, Dark red Bordeaux Leather Sports Seats. Excellent condition both inside and out. Full service history including detailed invoices. Just serviced with specialist Maserati garage, full inspection report...
  9. B

    Car Event in the UK

    Dear all Maserati Enthusiasts, I would like to tell you about an event we are holding here at Beaulieu, in the New Forest, UK. Simply Bond on the 29th of July 2012 is for any car owner who has a 'James Bond Car.' For example the Maserati Biturbo was featured in 'Licence to Kill -1989,'...
  10. C

    Maserati Spyder 2002 Paddle Shift

    We have the pleasure of offering this stunning Maserati Spyder wrapped in attractive red paintwork and lush cream leather interior. This soft top convertible is the best of both worlds and a Maserati at the end of the day. Great service history and the right car to tour in and use for every...
  11. B

    Tubi Style exhausts for 4200 Coupe / Spyder

    Since I wanted my car to be 100% stock again, I am offering for sale a pair of Tubi Style exhausts (back boxes) for the 4200 Coupe / Spyder. They had just been fitted to the car when I bought it and have only been used for approx. 600-800 miles, hence they are in perfect condition. Excellent...