1. AKCH01

    Granturismo S Suspension Torque Specs

    Hi all, just replacing a broken front spring so replacing the pair. So far I have dismantled it all and taken photos of all the shims. I'm at the stage I'll be reassembling it all once I've had the springs swapped over but can't seem to find any torque specs online. Suspension set up is the...
  2. T10YYY

    Need your help with Grancabrio problem...suspension, sports exhaust.

    Hi guys! I sold my 08 GT and just bought a 10' Grancabrio with 7k. I removed the vacuum pipes and without blocking them with a golf tee I then started the car up to see how it sounded. Obviously the valves were open and sounded amazing however I got a suspension warbing symbol come up on the...