166 V6 Ti


I had a facelift 166 3.2. Mine was a lusso without the TI pack. I think the estimate of 36 3.2 manuals is about right but that includes all of them, lusso and TI. Therefore I would suggest an original TI is much more rare than you think. Probably less than 10. I can’t remember the last time I saw one for sale, but you do see the odd 3.2 lusso.

As you say the changes are minor, wheels, lower suspension, TI kickplates (all easily done to a lusso) but I believe the instrument backlighting is red, rather than green, on the TI.
I think they are great cars, very underrated and second in styling only to the QP V for a saloon car. Q2 is required to save the gearbox, plus a better drive too.
Sounds like a good project, would be a shame for another one to get broken up.

LDM 3200

I agree the story adds to the interesting history!
Always liked the 166 despite reminding me of a anteater, still have my 164 tucked away, probably never be worth a graet deal but was a x-over car and a lovely recaro interior, a nice place to be and fun to drive!


The facelift looks too nose heavy and the ti wheels are a bit Halfords. You can’t beat a pre facelift Super Lusso with the 5 hole wheels.
Have to agree about the facelift. The original took some getting used to, but new one looks too much like the modern trend for facial surgery.