Aircon tx valve 375530166


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Good evening, I've been advised that the tx valve, 375530166, on my 3200 is on the fritz - where i am located it is difficult to locate parts at the best of times. And the Maserati dealer rolls his eyes at supplying older parts. But happy to sell a new car.

Does anyone know of the Alfa OR Fiat equivalent in part number for this valve ?

Any advice or assistance is greatfully accepted. We've got to keep the oldies on the road.



Bob is it? Where are you located in Australia?
Over the years I've ordered a lot of parts from EuroSpares in the UK.
Their website has that part as $ 295.00 AUD subject to availability, which they have to put an order to the factory and see what Maserati says.
There are a couple of specialist wreckers in Australia for used Maserati parts. I can let you know if you need.