Anyone been out in the snow ?


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Went out in my 135i just on local flat roads on purpose as it's be reason I bought a rwd car! Great fun doing 270 degree spins ( always in control of course and never got above about 5 mph... Well, the rear tyres were doing about 60, but fronts about 5. Got my poor wife to film me in the snow as per usual, and our 16 month old learning from the best!
Great fun when you don't have to be anywhere, but hope all get home safe tonight..
Went out in the Spyder today, cant say I particularly enjoyed it too much. I had it in 'ice' mode but it didn't seem to be any different to the standard auto mode?
It should change up at around 2500 rpm in ice mode. I would suspect it also lets the wheels slip more without cutting power.
I went for a drive in the Ghibli yesterday afternoon. Slid out of the drive and to a stop on the street. Nice drive into York to the shops and to fill up with fuel, the low fuel warning had pinged, and drove back. A couple of areas where drifting had made things interesting but no incidents until getting back up the drive. Sorted that in the end.

It'll be a normal day today as there's no new snow around.
There was a similar dump of snow over here in Spring 1987, when I was still driving my first car, a Chevette saloon :) A journey home which normally took about ninety minutes, took over three hours, because of the hard packed snow on all roads. By the end of that journey, I'd had so much practice putting all I'd learned the previous year on skid pans etc into use, that everything I'd been taught became instinctive. I more or less skidded and slipped the whole way home.
But, that sick feeling when you completely lose control and the momentum of the car takes it where IT wants to go, is a VERY unpleasant feeling.
I'd only ever do the same again, in a car that had little value, because the probability of an 'off' is so high. It IS a huge amount of fun though, when you're on the edge. Be that the edge of your own abilities or a car's.


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Kin ****!! no chance, couldn't get off the hotel carpark in Teesside yesterday in my Alfa Giulia soot blower so trying to manoeuvre a 400 HP Gransport in snow is likely to only end up one way.


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It's easy, press the ICE button and go steady. These cars in the snow are great for drifting, just take car not to hit a kerb...


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Kin ****!! no chance, couldn't get off the hotel carpark in Teesside yesterday in my Alfa Giulia soot blower so trying to manoeuvre a 400 HP Gransport in snow is likely to only end up one way.
Where were you staying?
My Ghibli has been out in rural (ish) North Yorkshire (ish) every day. Powering through 8" of snow. Love it. Theres a pic already posted twice so I will spare you the third posting ;)

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I e got to get from LBA to Thirsk, up a bloody slopey drive, get under van, sort water etc etc. At about 10.30 pm. I here the local Premier Inn calling.


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Yes, a bit.

Took the Alfa out to Italy & Switzerland, and it did ok over a few passes and started first time in Lucerne (-11). Yay!


Drove back to London from Maidenhead on Friday in the GT in the snow, scary. M40 at 35mph.



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Poole down here in Dorset had very little so ventured out yesterday.
There were the usual culprits parked up on snow-covered verges, most were old Cors'as and Focus's with the exception, I hate to say, of a newish white Ghibli!


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The Giulia has been great in the snow. Thankfully I had Michelin Alpin winter tyres fitted at the end of last year, the Pirelli Corsa's are pretty **** below 7 degrees!

My fiancee couldn't even get her Volvo V40 up the drive, Alfa sailed up there :)

As usual though it's all the other people I worry about, those idiots that glue themselves to your bumper on a snowy/icy road!