AuCAR 9" Android 8.1 DIN Car Radio for Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2017 GPS navigation multimedia


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Apologies for the stupid question here as have toyed with the idea of the Gen 2.1 for Apple CarPlay but are all the “services” related to the car but NOT related to purely the radio or the SatNav retained/persisted?

Things like setting date/time/clock and some other functions related to the central display in the binnacle?? Or related to the steering wheel functions?

In essence, is there as trade-off or just pure benefits/upside of CarPlay and DAB etc?


Pretty much as Catman said - they are all largely there. Steering wheel functions can all be mapped. Issues seem to be with centre display in the binnacle - as above cant change to 24hr clock plus dont think I can change trip distance to miles.

To me personally the benefits outweigh the (minor) loss of functionality (which may be addressable with additional perseverance). I dont however use CarPlay so cant comment on that.

I would note however that unless I'm missing something stonkingly obvious the unit does not have DAB.


Alan Surrey

Does anyone know whether it will work correctly in a 2008 Quattroporte with this:
When I spoke to Matt, he said that the SportsItalia solution is incompatible, so I'm looking around.