Exhaust Manifolds

del mar

Junior Member

I had mine changed last week, i had some SS ones made up 7 years ago but never actually got round to fitting them, however the flanges were warped so whilst they looked nice they were junk.

You can either pull the engine or remove the sub frame and take them out through the bottom, they came out the bottom.

The LHS was cracked - common issue and the RHS was blowing through a gasket. However when the right was removed one of the studs was too long so the manifold would never sit flush, This stud was replaced by an "expert" based in North Kent several years ago..........

£1200 plus VAT in labour, it was what i had budgeted. I had already bought manifold to block and manifold to turbo gaskets, i didnt get the turbo to elbow gaskets but they were reused,

Will post up pictures as soon as i get them.