F430 Scuderia Wheels


I have a set of Ferrari 430 Scuderia Wheels. These are OEM Scuderia wheels, not copies or Scuderia Style Wheels from Ferrari. They are real, forged, Scuderia wheels. Part no’s are 226576 front and 226580 rear.
They are new, but 2 have been repainted in a darker shade. I can have two refurbed so they all match, but haven’t done so as the buyer may prefer lighter or darker.
I know there’s a few F430 owners on here so thought I’d list here before eBay etc.
The wheels are no longer available from Ferrari and not in stock anywhere so this is the last set in the world available.

£4000+vat as they are. Delivered to U.K.

That’s £1000 less than list even though they’re rocking horse poo. No daft offers or I’ll keep them thanks. I will buy another F430 when a good one is offered.
Cheers, Dicky