First Wash - My Maserati GranTurismo Sport MC Auto


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Yes, they sponsor me and make my wax for me Celeste Dettaglio which is my company name in Italian (genuine reason for me being on this forum - not for detailing) but Kore Dark and Kore Light are both by Paul and the Team. The pots are machined out of Billet Aluminium and with an airtight rubber seal and 4 alan key screws to open it. Its such a phenomenal wax with good beading properties and it also lasts. My father has a Black Ghibli which I did for him and came up immense. Lets just say I'm getting the Trident itch. :)


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Rather than start a new thread I thought I’d just update this one.

Gave the GT a tickle with some Car-Pro Essence and the Flex VRG.

Really easy to work with and provides a lovely gloss to most paints. Highly recommended.