New record for an MCV ?

Owch! I did also notice the page suggesting a couple of other GS's and they're both just shy of €60k with 40k on their clocks. Prices must just be a fair bit higher over there. Maybe due to LHD having a much wider geographical market reach in Europe.
That's about £94k. Makes me look foolish for putting mine up at £59k. No wonder it sold so quickly. I suspect mine will be the last one sold with a figure starting with a 5.
Asking for and actually selling at 94k are two different things......Take it it doesn't say sold in the advert.
I could see this car with those miles selling for that in Europe to a collector. If a standard GS is selling for around 30 to 50% above the price of a similar UK car, then this price over Ewan’s recent sale doesn’t look so silly


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You would say it's a bargain even with 54k on the clock......You would have to say is the low miles one worth 70k more than this one....This ones from Florida....Even if you have to spend money on it to get it to concours you would spend anywhere near what a UK car goes for.....would you ?
Original advert in Florida:

Looking on Maserati Life the dealer selling posted about it.
Can't find the US advertising price though, but the seller knows about them so the now UK asking price I don't think sounds unreasonable.
Edit: found the price $30k so £24k that's cheap!!!
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