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Golf: a good way to ruin a nice walk. Swing straight and true, anyway!

Stevie, not even a nibble? Disappointing.

Morning, all. On the train to town today. A couple of solid days of stuff lie ahead, but at least I woke up moderately perky (Jon - coffee!). Let's see how long this buoyant mood lasts. Probably until the caffeine-crash.


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Good morning, third day in Dubai for us today; lovely and warm, Plenty to eat drink and shop for.
Have a great day, wherever you are.

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Back to dull and grey on the weather front this morning.
These forecasters speak with forked tongue.
Still the two fine days allowed completion of the gloss paintwork. Just the over runs on the glass to see to
Day off today then - maybe the QP..................
Oh good morning all
Good Morning Everyone,

Mrs MLC has gone to Calafat to watch, i mean, work at the Formula E testing.

So I've jumped in her Z4 for a blast to work, top down of course! It's a nippy little beast but it needs a few more HP and a better exhaust but it does have a nice brrrrpp! noise to it when it changes up at 6.5k...

It's the little things...


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Morning. Just the usual work ruining the day but curry night tonight with the boys so all is not lost.

Day off tomorrow, Brera cambelt to go on then I can attempt to restart it...pinkies crossed!
Still waiting for promised sunshine... not holding breath though.

Cars washed, kitchen floor tiles fitted by contractors and hopefully the kitchens in by the start of May ready for completion.
Hello everybody!
Sleeping in my own bed last night was so nice! I'd better not get used to out though.
Back in Blighty and in going to declare nice weather by wearing shorts in the office. I'm sorry that you all won't get to see my legs.
HapPea Wednesday!
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Morning all, managed to get Alex’s payment through for his T2 camper van last night, no small effort with Sainsbury’s screwing up his loan paperwork, he ended up going to Metrobank and sorting it in an hour! I’ve hired a trailer for next Wednesday to go and get it. As it has. It been used for three years I want to do a fluid flush before it goes anywhere under its own breeze (no water to male steam!).

Anyway, off to Wickford this morning.

Have fun all...
Morning all,

Am much less grumpy today and managed a nice workout this morning riding around London in Zwift. Anyone else on here use this?

Today is mostly meetings followed by an event at my kids school where they talk about social mobility and ask us for (even) more money to support their foundation / bursaries / sponsored places. Given that my education was paid for by a government funded bursary, there’s a personal angle to that for me so will be interesting to hear what they say...

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday (and enjoy the sunshine!)