Would you like modern wheels on your Biturbo/Ghibli?


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One thing I've been thinking, is to modernise the look on my Biturbo.

A big thing is the wheels, change them to 17 or 18 inch.

I have already a plan to do it, I'm going to get new wheel hub shafts machined for rear and back. I'm leaning towards using the VAG/MB bolt pattern 5x112.
That would mean that all internals, like bearings etc stay the same, but externals like brake disk will change. MB has good brake disks (vented, cross drilled etc) for it that initially look to fit well.

That bolt pattern, would naturally open the world for zillions of rims...

Just wondering, anyone else interested? I can do it a product, price would be reasonable.


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Later Ghiblis already had 17 inch wheels from the factory, so no real reason to upgrade.

For older cars I can see the attraction but I think the price point at which these cars sit at the moment is too low to make any actual investment in them seem meaningful.