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I learned on another forum that you may be selling rotors for a 2012 Maserati Gran Turismo. Can you give me a link where I can read up on the product and then make a decision? I will need all 4 before too long. Thank you.
Hi Alfatwo
BigBob told me to contact you with regards to fitting my new nose badge to my 42. I don't want to drill it out as some others have done. Do you know how to get into the nose to remove it properly?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Hoyin
Lovely pics. Would you mind sending me a copy of the originals please?

If so email is

Many thanks
Maserati 4200 CC for sale facelift model
low miles
Any questions just ask
help needed wonder if any one can shed any light on this issue? have just bought a 3200 gta low miles 44k but engine oil is coffee coloured car has been stood for 5.5 years 0 miles, do you think its condensation or head gasket? no oil in water, good water temp,good oil pressure, no apparent loss of coolant i will decant oil to establish how many liters have come out to work out how much water/condensation is in it
Hi Matt

My 42 is in the garage at the mo having a new handbrake cable fitted. he has just contacted me and told me that my disks are fried!! I know I opted out of the first batch due to financial constraints! Do you have an idea of when the second batch are due? Or do I bite the bullet and buy from others.
Cheers matt
Hello Tim,
If its a set of 4x including the bolts I'll have them.

Regards, Andy
Thanks, yes, it did look lovely when I picked up on Saturday - and of course driving back up here (Bath) via the interesting NT house at Mottisfont that day it got filthy again... Fortunately the humungous amount of rain will have washed any salt off the roads beforehand - I do not use it during salty season. Perhaps you smelt the bi-annual Waxoyl it had?!
Hi Maverick.
Do you still do the alloy pedal sets please .
Cheers .

Mike .
No sorry I don’t have the facilities to do them any more
Hi all, I'm 1 day into Maserati ownership. I picked up my 1999 3200 GTA yesterday and look forward to an exciting journey. I am fortunate that this isn't my every day car but am taking it on a bit of a road trip with the kids tomorrow to their grandparents in Worcestershire, so will get to experience the car on some back roads....
Hi Rex how's things
I'm over at DA's next week, do you still want a 3200 piston for a measure up?

Not sure if you have your H2O pump sorted; or where you are?
But try
Auto Surplus Pty.Ltd.
35 Rooks Rd.
Mitcham 98733566
Eastern Suburbs.


aNDY :-)
Hi Chris, could you give me a call 07842118821 regarding the possibility of sharing carriage costs on the disks.


Xmas Bash - I wasn't going to bother because of drive etc, all the way from up here, however, if you fancy splitting the driving etc we may go.
Not sure on your plans, travel Friday and stay over or early Sat morning?