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You sent me a message but I can't reply to it as you've set it for no replies.

So ref the I-Phone - the one loaned to me was not compatible as it had the wrong IOS - Is your offer still there?
It would need to be one listed in the first post on the subject

Thank you
Great - Thank you
Sorry for the delay. It's a 64g iPhone SE iOS 14.6 It's not clear if that list is *minimum iOS version, or maximum. I'd expect it to be minimum, given the current version or not a single up to date phone will work <shrug>

You are more then welcome to give it a try

I think it is that exact iOS as the one I tried at the weekend was a i-Phone 5 with 10.3.4, which was just to new for the 10.3.2 compatibility. I dont believe MB are updating the cars software to match the changes in operating systems
Hi Mike , I know Miles very well and in actual fact only spoke to him a couple of days back regarding other stuff , okay with you if I call him to make sure they still have it at Emblem and happy to talk sensible money with you once they confirm ..............and i will revert back in the mean while my number is 07799 877175

Kindest regards

I have some time off next week so may be able to pop up to collect next week - I will drop you a note a few days before hand.
Hi Jonny
I think your preference is for a 4.7?
Just as an FYI. MY 4.2 (pictured) will be for sale in a few weeks.
Over serviced. 88k. £21k to forum members. Located, Northern Ireland.
Variators done and documented.
Give me a shout, if interested.
Enjoy the forum!
Mike :)
My Sister has enlightened me as to why I am currently single - because I have not made enough money yet! :D
Granturismo Sport 2017
Hey Guys, anyone know where is the outdoor air sensor located in a Grantourismo Sport 2015? Mine started showing -18 and the AC stopped working. Thanks in advance for the help.
sorry don't know that one.
I was wondering if you eventually bought that GT refurbished steering wheel? I was also interested to get one for myself. Could you maybe give me the name of the person or company you used?
With many thanks.

I’ve had a few done for various cars now, it’s a company called royal steering wheels.
Hi hope everyone good here, just looking for heads up, been driving my mase 3200 ever things perfect, parked it up at home now won't start :/ checked battery all good
Checked obd2 got 3 error up
Trottle sensor po120
Trottle sensor po220
Knock sensor po331
I can't clear Trottle ones
Any help with this woukd be greatful before I start pulling it apart.
Cheers guys
Hi Benny
I have been in discussion with Newton regarding a clock for a Gransport, said he didn't want anything for it but to donate to Ryan's charity which I am more than happy to do. Could you send me a link or point me in the right direction please.
Regards Geoff
Geoff, that’s very kind of you both. Make any donation to The Bone Cancer Research Trust. If you Google The Bone Cancer Research Trust it will give you the option to donate. Thanks again, very much appreciated.
Hi Benny, all done.
I wasn't aware of Ryan so did a forum search. Please accept my condolences.

I see in the previous post mdss was inquiring about a Gransport upgrade to the gearbox, any details would be appreciated, are you still doing it?
Kind regards Geoff
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Geoff, thanks much appreciated. Thanks again for your donation. If/when we meet, I’ll buy the first drink. Regards.
Hi P5Nij, this video just come on Youtube might be of interest to you.
Thanks for the post reply on the coilover suspension for the Shamal.
Can you please provide me with a price for the supply as well as shipping to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
I'd assume VAT is not applicable as they'll charge me that at my end.

I'm assuming the kit contains everything to allow a direct swap over and just needs the wires for the adjustable suspension to be disconnected?

Regards Brad
Will. What would be tops for very very low miles and perfect condition ,dont think you would find one better
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I’m not sure. The car at Nuvola was around 20K so I’m thinking in that ballpark, although that wasn’t an Assetto Corsa …
Will.The car is 01 verdi mexican green cream leather green piping 12500 miles ,as new underneath 3 owners, original recipte all paper worke ,im not convinced that i want to sell but have made several enquires lncluding Quintin Willson,and they seem to think i should get about £30000,quite understand if no good .and im sure you will come across one to suit soon,and will hope to see you at a meet some time.Regards Rob
Hi Rob, well that does sound amazing! It must be one of the very few cars out there with that sort of mileage and would certainly seem to merit such an asking price. My head isn't quite in that sort of price zone at the moment, I'm thinking more towards £20K for a car from a reputable dealer with a warranty on it. It'd be good to see it sometime at meet. Regards Mike