Owning cars and never driving them...


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Can’t work out why anyone would want to drink liquid Marzipan....
Now Beer, that’s a different subject, always struggle @ LeMans as its all that fizzy pop stuff, think they call it Lager....
You might wanna bring some of that dirty washing up water you Northerners call bitter or ale or whatever the f*ck you call it this year.
Awful stuff.
It came as a surprise to me but when people discovered NZ in the early days for the Gold Rush along with many others the Irish came so you can get some Good Guinness here.
February is a good time to come mate.


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I feel guilty if I don't take my GTS out every weekend. Don't use it during the week at all so if 2 weeks go by and I haven't driven it I do feel it!


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We are absolutely spoiled for proper beer in Yorkshire but on the whole the Tetley's (supposedly Yorkshire's drink) is garbage. If you really want to drink the good stuff I'd be happy to run a pub crawl in Leeds!

Oh and you should really use a car.
Mmm doesn't Green King do "Abbot Ale"?
My wife wont let me drink that stuff as it stops "me old man" working:clap:
Yes its Green king that make Abbots Ale. They also do Landlords choice which they quite often change the name of to match the name of the pub thats serving it.
Went on a Camerons brewery trip and the bar inside the brewery served excellent ale. We then went to the pub literally 100 yards over the road and the Camerons in there was abominable. Clearly does not travel well
Thats quite common. One of the reasons behind it is that the cellar training courses are usually run at the brewery and as a result the lines get cleaned more often. Another reason is that the in brewery bar is quite often free or heavily discounted for staff. The through put is much higher as a result so the 9s or 18s depending what they are using change probably daily. The pub across the road likely has a lower through put as the brewery workers are supping for free at work without the need to go out to the pub.

Most pubs clean their bitter lines once a week. I do my after every 9 gallon keg (firkin) has been dispenced. I know then that the line is always as clean as it can be which protects the quality and taste of the beer.
My local breweries are Greene King and Adnams. The nectar of the gods!
I was selling Adnams Ghost ship before xmas. Ive switched that back to Moorehouse Blonde Witch at the moment. I have a choice of 5 on most of the time sometimes 6. Theakstones Best, Reedley hallows Pendleside, Wainwrights Golden ale and Timothy Taylor Boltmaker.

Anyone coming over to Lancashire can have a forum discount :)
Love you mate, happy new year Ben, just waiting for that water pump of yours to fail and it will ;)

Naughty naughty Dave.
But I have to agree that they will have a limited life probably not much over 10 years.
As I have said before keep an eye on them and if you catch it in time it won't destroy the engine as I know from my very own project car still going strong since I put a new assembly in.


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Mine’s coming up to 15 years old with 76k. If/when it goes, it won’t really bother me as I’ve got a cunning plan for the engine rebuild. Bring it on! Btw, HNY Dave and many of them.