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  • Hi mate hows it going , you been a little quite of late , all ok i hope , guess its that new addition to your stable been keeping you occupied, be great to catch up for a beer sometime

    regards loz
    Sounds like you are not available for the FIA GT1 event on May 2nd, so hope to see you at the next Ace Cafe event on the 13th of May.
    Hi Simon,

    Matt suggested I reach out to you.

    Please read my post for some background:

    If you are free one of these days, I am happy to meet up and hear your Larini system in person (ideally as a passenger). I'm basically trying to figure out if I should get the valved mufflers or go back to my de-cat plus factory x-pipe setup. Now running a multi-brand setup (fabspeed de-cats, Larini H-pipe, and factory mufflers), and it's not as exciting. My GS is in Dubai, but it will be my daily driver soon.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hey Simon, just a little heads up, Loz, myself, Parisian and UrbanMaser, getting fed up with, so we have descided to do our own. I am running it, its in its early stages, and hope to go live in about 4 weeks. We need to build the posts up so when we go live, it keeps the interest and people will come back.

    Can you start as many posts as you can, reply etc, does not matter is things are about stuff you already know, just trying to build it up.

    This forum is by invitation only at present and am expecting to get banned from when Birdcage finds out, so the longer I stay anonymous the better. Loz is being a little cagey, he goes by 300 S but has joined as Lozcb also. I am running under my usual Conaero plus I am Administrator: Dogleg.

    Cheers in advance, be interested in your input.
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