1. P

    Wheel repair

    As you know the GS wheels are v.rare and v.expensive. I recently had a fight with a pothole which resulted in a puncture and a crack in the front alloy, but not bad enough to leak air. Long story short, I managed to replace it quickly with a new one (it's my day-to-day car) and I now have...
  2. drewf

    QP Spare wheel - solved

    After a fair amount of searching, I think I've found an almost perfect cheap (£50) solution: Mitsubishi GTO alloy space-saver. Has exactly the right PCD and equally important, exactly the same bore. It arrived this morning, and in 15 minutes I'd proved to myself that it works just fine...
  3. S2_DPD

    Ball Polished Alloy Refurb

    Hi, My ball polished alloys are grotty and need a refurb. Has anyone here actually had their ball polished wheels done? and if so who/where and pleased with the outcome etc? I'm in Edinburgh, however willing to ship if the right outfit are wider afield. thanks