1. UlstermanAbroad

    GranTurismo 4.2 The big battery debate

    Hi Guys So, my Maserati (labelled) battery appears to be goosed. Which isn't surprising, as the previous owner had the car sitting for long periods with no trickle charger. I searched our gold mine here and the last relevant thread on batteries seems to have been around 2014 ish. Just wondering...
  2. A

    Winter Battery Problems

    Hi everyone, So my QP battery isn't behaving. Mines a 2008 QP Sport GT (pre facelift version). Battery randomly went flat within a week after a bit of a cold spell. After jumping it I tested the alternator and no problems there. 13-14V no problem. It charged and seemed fine. One week...
  3. M

    Maserati QP AutoXS (Car Battery) Trickle Charger

    I picked up a few of these from Aldi a couple of months ago and still have one spare. It's the same as the C-Tek that the main dealers sell for close to £200. I'd let it go to a fellow forum member for £30 delivered (by courier). Otherwise I'll keep it as a spare.
  4. M

    Maserati Newbie Voltage Gauge Question

    I've replaced my alternator twice in a month. The issue started when I had an upgraded stereo system installed, which brings me to my first question. What should I upgrade in my coupe so that it can support extra load from a pretty powerful stereo system? Question two is, I've noticed the...