F1 - what would you do?


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Money makes the world go round. And Money is what drives F1.
The tech advancement F1 brings costs a lot but in the long run it makes driving safer.
I mean F1 is not just about the the fastest car in a race. It is also about a driver survival in case it did not go to plan or if Verstappen was trying overtaking you.

Money will come if the races were telecast live for all to see not just Sky or similar paid services.
Many more will watch and this will bring money from globally competitive sponsors.
Then there is the tech itself.
I believe drivers today are more skilled than the ones in 80s or 90s. They may not have the balls of the veterans but that's because F1 has made fast driving safer so people can drive faster with less fear of losing life and limb.
I just wish different techs could compete on same circuit at same time time. V12 Vs V10s Vs V8,V6, hybrid, electric, turbo. Just Like Olympics where a man with no shoes from Tanzania competes with a globally known Nike sponsored athlete.
Drivers selected on merit rather than sponsorship money they can bring.
Extra points for least fuel used, least pit stops, fastest laps, max number of overtakes, and so on. Money no bar, tech no bar.
Then race.

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One thing that makes MotoGP exciting is different engine layouts, all bikes are 4 cylinder 1000cc with a standard ECU but different layouts give different characteristics, V4, L4, inline 4, cross or flat plane.

And that's the problem with F1, the rules are too specific, they design the car for the teams. It might as well be a single chassis class.


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We had it before, various engine formats. Ferrari sticking with V12, lots of power but required an extra Pit stop,and smaller V8s. I firmly believe the only way to improve the racing is to stop the pit meddling and interference.


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Has anyone seen the Masters historic F1 race series ? those old cars with the Cosworth DFV (one of my fav engines) sound epic when trackside.
For me F1 needs to be an experience to watch whether at home or track side and for me it is not anymore, I do not even bother to watch.
I am all for technology and moving forward but for racing I want to see big noisy dirty fast engines back .. its a race car , its not meant to save the planet.
I've been an ardent fan since the '80s and we've always had these discussions.

There's not much wrong with the current formula win it delivers great races like we've had this year, edge of the seat stuff. Three manufacturers with competitive cars capable of winning the championship - this is brilliant.

One change I would like is a move to simplify the rules where possible. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool fan, watched every race for decades, spent much money travelling to spectate at many races, and even I can't tell you what the current Safety Car rules are; when overtaking is or isn't allowed, when the pit lane is or isn't accessible. This over-complexity switches people off.