GTS - 3rd year Main Dealer Servicing Costs


For those researching GTS main dealer service costs in Aust I had my 3rd year Australian main dealer service cost completed for AUD 950 (USD 700).

Also had them complete some warranty work to better align the trunk/boot to stop some minor rubbing.

My front tyres have some wear on the inside tread after 12,000 miles, but I’ll take it elsewhere to solve that. Otherwise all’s good!

I know an independent servicer or DIY would be cheaper, but then my added bonus was doing a personal tour of the F40, Enzo, F12 TDF and a classic 860 Monza (original engine and chassis, but rest was newer) being serviced there at the time. F50 due in next week. There were a few well looked after Maserati Sebrings there as well.