Maseratis - Spotted


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Paul knows my car well....a bit too well, at times! He's done basically everything it has needed since inspecting it for me c8 years ago.

Yep, we should...always got time to talk Cars, more so with GranSport content! A coffee in Harps one sunny morning perhaps? I'll DM you, get something lined up.
Yeah sure, look forward to it


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Another road trip up to Leicestershire - on Thursday even we spotted a burgundy new Ghibli on A46 and a nice dark grey sporty looking Levante with black window surrounds, couldn't catch it to take a proper look, but we were in a rented Transit.

The return trip yielded a not so nice white Levante and a black QPV on the M4 near Cardiff. Zoe spotted another black Maserati but couldn't decide if it was a GranSport, 4200, 3200 GT or a GranTurismo. Clearly, I have work to do.


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Just heard and then saw a lovely black GT with a red interior in Chalfont St Peter. Number plate started F1 and sounded so suitably epic that it had to have an H or X pipe on it. A quick dvla check and it's a 2008.


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Nice blue GT on the A55 East bound near Chester last night. As the Mrs helpfully pointed out, me flashing and waving on the west bound carriageway in a Passat wasn’t likely to get a response....:roll_eyes:
Dark 3200 or 4200 spider near Crofton, Wakefield, waved but not sure driver noticed.

Driving back home through village and a group of kids shouted to another group across the road, ‘Look, Maserati!!!!' with obvious glee. Had I not been negotiating speed bumps (hurt my **** in sports mode) I would have stopped and let them sit in it.

We'll need these people in the future to buy our cars off us!

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Black Ghibli parking up in Stroud Sainsbury's on Saturday; I was in the Volvo, and remembered not to wave.

Black GT (I think) briefly glimpsed on road from Cirencester to Tetbury near Kemble on Thursday. No time to say hello as we zipped past each other in traffic.


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Out for a ride on my bike this evening I saw a grey QP parked up in Woodchurch.
Then 2 minutes later a black 4200 with WA54 on the plate.

Anyone on here?
Granturismo NAD123(?) coming through the landside tunnel at Gatwick Airport, deliberately slowed down then accelerated through.
Must be someone on here if he did that..
Tried to sit in my mates TR6 the other day, very difficult for me (I am old and tall!) to get in or out of the **** thing and my face peered over the top of the w/screen when I sat there. Then it dawned on me this is one of the (many) reasons for the explosion in sales of big 4x4's. I am not always fast on the uptake you know.
Us oldies have the disposable income and would rather climb up into a comfortable SUV thingy than down into an uncomfortable sports jobby


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Saw a Black GranTurismo on the hard shoulder of M42 today, hazards flashing... it was around 1pm. Couldn't see reg plate as I was going in opposite direction at 69MPH.
Spotted a black Spyder in Farlington (Portsmouth) this morning around 10.15am

Just spotted a black GranTourismo S 4.7 with yellow calipers in Worplesdon