Newbie, awaiting delivery!!!!

Good evening all.

I have been a reader of the board over the last few months after deciding that i needed a V8 in my life.

Being a family man with 2 kids the decision was being made for me as to what type of V8 i wanted. Having a few mates who have R8's and Astons i got the bug a number of years ago but have only recently decided on taking the plunge.

The Maserati Granturismo was my choice, after hearing the noise of that V8 it finally made my mind up.

Not really being mechanically minded i have searched and done homework on these cars over the last few months but will hopefully be using the knowledge of you guys in the coming years of ownership.

Anyways i agreed a deal today on a 2008 Maserati GT with 34K on the clock. Full MD service history with 1 owner from new.

Looking forward to getting behind the wheel next week when i pick her up.

D Walker

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Good stuff, another Northener, I’m in Thirsk, work in Seal Sands, check out the events section as we are having a mini meet next bank holiday I think...
Oh, you will know pics are a pre-requisite....
Welcome. Nice to see someone else in the North of England.

There's a show and polish event at Ripon on 3rd June if you're interested.
Welcome to the forum and nice choice.

Make sure you get the variaitors checked out before parting with any may not be an issue but we have had one burnt new member this month...we do not want another.

Take it you watch the Simpsons'?
Thanks for all the responses gents.

Yes the user name part represents the Simpsons and my profession.

I will post some pictures as soon as I take delivery, hopefully early next week.