Half a million posts!


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Well, the forum is a little over 6 years old now and many members have come and gone but the hardcore are still going.

We are about to reach a landmark 'half a million' posts shortly so I thought I would take this opportunity to post the full stats as of the end of June 16 for your interest.

Top Stats:
It may come as no surprise that the GOOD MORNING thread is where we all spend most of our time, updating all about the interesting and sometimes not so interesting things that are happening in all our lives...and congrats to the serial poster: ANDYK...God knows if he has anytime left to live a normal life :)


New Posts:
By month, apart from the odd peak, its steadily increased over time. Total to date: 481,330 We should reach the 'half a million' in the next 9 weeks at the current rate.


New Threads:
By month, pretty consistent. Total to date: 20,428


There was a peak in the middle years but this was due to being hit by spammers. We employed an anti spam agent and weeded out all the spammers. Today, were have a proud 4,354 genuine members.


Can I just take this opportunity to thanks all those member that support SportsMaserati and long live the forum!


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Thank you and thank you to the members. Like any football club, they are nothing with out them.

Plans for next year and my upcoming retirement is to rebrand, the forum identity and logo. Have a presence at major events with a Gazebo base and sail banners plus develop the FaceBook and YouTube channel and basically continue having fun!

Personally, my baby with be the YouTube channel. I have a Trev coming back to work for me next month. Many of the forum elders will remember him AKA Web Monkey. He has been away for the past few years gaining experience in 3D, animation and game production. One of his tasks will be to develop a lead in and lead out credits so we can put a polish on our video content. Also we will be creating more videos of all the events we attend and maybe even some car tests.
For a moment then I thought that one person had posted 500,000 times. I thought which boring git did that and a few persons sprung to mind...I won't say whom. LOL
Matt, this is more than a forum...it's a way of life and have made some very good friends through SM. You have done a sterling job my friend.


Spot on, pleasure to be involved in it! See you all as my extended family :D

I'm more than happy to do some wacky reviews :D


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Makes me proud to have the same initials as this successful forum run tremendously well by Matt. Long may it continue.

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