The good morning thread

Good morning all......Prep for a few interviews next week today.

There seems to be a few Maserati's in magazines this month and if anyone is interested Jaguar magazine has a used conparision of the XK8 v 3200 on their front cover. Read the last bit in the newsagents and seemed really balanced.

Spent yesterday morning at the local dealer getting tyres fitted and a small issue with the window switches fixed. Turned out I needed 3 not 4 tyres so my bank balance is lighter than I was expected. Still I'd rather have good boots on it.

Time to learn how to use the staple gun today to put the replacement rear window in the Spider. The replacement has the zip the other way around than the original so instead of a simple fitting its unpicking all of the staples and stapling it, and the back of the hood, back in place. I don't mind a bit of mechanical work but this car is turning me into an upholsterer as well.

Good luck with the interview for next week Andy.

Have a great day all


Morning all, entire evening wasted by jeanette, myself and Alex trying to find reasonable insurance after his bike crash last year, combined with the thefts from this address they are trying to spank him over £3 k on a £800 motor!

Today I will mostly be in the garage.

Have fun all...
Morning all. Just woke up after a nearly normal if late night's sleep. Sincerely hope that Mrs Catman is turning the corner. Still suspect I'll have to take her back tomorrow, but that's an improvement over the planned hospital visit today.

Have a great day, all

Morning all, been up north since Friday evening as its Thalia's birthday on Tuesday so i wanted to spend the weekend and that day with getting to like it up here......


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Morning guys...b3 has cost me a fortune this week...service..MOT..2 new front brakes..
Washing machine caught fire
Now one if the cats has decided to be ill...looks like i will be living in work for the foreseeable....

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Morning all

I’ve been catching up on sleep this weekend and have had two nights of 9+ hrs sleep this weekend. This is good as I had at least three nights last week which were under 5hrs....

There may even be a post Sunday lunch nap as well - Roast beef, Yorkshire Puddings, and red wine is a recipe for snoozing if ever there was one!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Quick 17 miles on bike, chuffing cold in the wind, just paid my tax bill, and assisted wife with her return,
Upshot is no Sunday roast, bread and dripping for the foreseeable, lol.
Clean the Golf next, at the polish place next to the pub!

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Morning all. Just woke up after a nearly normal if late night's sleep. Sincerely hope that Mrs Catman is turning the corner. Still suspect I'll have to take her back tomorrow
Can you still get a refund on her? That's pretty good. What will you get next?

Morning, all. Newton - FFS, £3k. Jaysus! No wonder you'll be in the garage. I'd be making effigies of insurance companies and burning them.

Tess, hello!

Today I'll be loading up on coffee and off to explore Mexico City. It's not a part of the world I've ever felt a burning need to visit, but I'm here now so I should see what's an offer. According to the cabin crew on the flight out, a light mugging is a popular tourist passtime.