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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Apparently the exterior scenes of Luxembourg were filmed in Prague.
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    F1 Drivers Cribs

    Nice house. Not keen on the coffin shaped swimming pool.
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    Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT for sale

    Does it have any subframe rust, or rust prevention treatment?
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    GT for sale at Cookham Classics - any info

    Dealer wants £99 admin fee. Does anyone really pay an admin fee?
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    Are you worried yet.

    Isn’t the phrase ‘friends in the EU’ known as an oxymoron?
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    Brexit Deal

    They cannot even stop illegals in rubber boats in the Channel, yet alone French fishermen.
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    Heads Up Lads.

    A lot of these cars are foreign registered. Good luck with tracing the owners. I doubt they would worry too much about any fines either.
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    FOR SALE Maserati Quattroporte GTS

    Known as ‘bait advertising ‘ I believe. Not sure if it’s illegal in the UK.
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    Clutch pressure plate 3200GT

    You could sell the parts you have and buy the Maserati Shed product.
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    Are you worried yet.

    If I could earn £80 an hour I would never take a holiday
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    Pic of the day

    Ganja and fast cars probably not a good idea?
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    Do you mean the pensions that Baby Boomers have been paying in for the whole of their working lives?
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    HR/employment advice urgently required

    I agree that unions do not have the power they used to have. However my father found them very useful in fighting a claim for an industrial injury many years ago. Also a relative who is in the airline business finds they are good at fighting the ever worsening terms and conditions that her...
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    HR/employment advice urgently required

    With employers like these, I can see why people join trade unions.
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    Are you worried yet.

    How long do you think it will be before the guy in the video gets infected, if he’s not already caught it?