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    I use one of these to change tracks. Saves reaching for the phone controls.
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    New owner new member

    Thanks Conaero, just ordered one. I’ll chuck it in my toolbox and hopefully will come in handy one day.
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    Wanted: Granturismo X Pipe

    Two months ago I paid £280 + vat from Autoshield. I thought it was the going rate?!
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    words or phrases you don't want to hear again

    You can’t be serious! You must be joking? Shop assistant: are you alright there? Me: why can’t you say “do you need any help” or “can I help you” ? Grrrr
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    Broken wing mirror glass

    My near side door mirror hadn’t retracted Or opened since I bought it. Was floppy and no matter what I did with the switch it just didn’t work. Until!... I removed the interior door card and found the white connection block had become dislocated. Saved my spending £960 on a new one!
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    Gone but never forgotten. Sincere condolences to the family.
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    John Barnard F1 Podcast

    Just listened to a fascinating podcast from John Barnard. He introduced the paddle shift gearbox in the Ferrari F1 car in 1989. Before then it was the traditional H gate gear selector. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a must listen to F1 fans and technology at that time in motor...
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    The good morning thread

    The sun’s just rising again in sunny Preston after a dull cold day yesterday. I bought a new low profile jack hoping to clean my wheels / callipers but yesterday it didn’t work / jack up! I’ll try bleeding as air might be in. Be ranting at the suppliers first thing Monday morning! Life’s...
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    Auto folding door mirrors

    Very useful indeed! I can see this unit selling out within days. Great work Mike.
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    Scalextric Help

    Wouldn’t mind this set up.
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    Lewis Hamilton F1 Champion 2019

    Breaking news... Even at this late stage the FIA and F1 has not confirmed if the event in Melbourne is cancelled! Kimi and Seb are on their way back to Europe and fans turned up at the gates. Shambolic....
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    Complete dealer stock 2013 onwards-- cheap

    104280 THREADED PLUG 3 184240 Valvo x Copertura Tubless 2 192637 #NAME? 8 198231 Rear light 1 205468 FILTERING ELEMENT 1 211219 Gasket lateral post 1 211220 Gasket head cover c 1 213582 Bushes silent (part 980139889) 2 217447 ÿFRONT LAMBDA SENSORÿÿÿÿ 2 217832 Parking sensor - grant 1 223577...
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    Maserati Granturismo

    hi, if you want to come down to Preston you’re more then welcome to drive my car. It’s a GT-S with a sport pack combined with a ZF auto box MC autoshift. Incredibly fast gear changes using the paddles! Cheers Nigel
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    Potential purchase

    Don't dilly-dally - just sign on the dotted line!
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    Fun and games with electricity

    Same thing happened to me 1hour in from buying the car! Driving on the M1 in stop/start traffic, electrics just shut off. Got into the boot, released/re-attached the negative terminal and fired up. Phew... So glad I read up on the forum where the boot release cable was located! Otherwise i would...