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    Anyone else on this forum has Lotus Esprit ?

    I don't think Lotus are any worse than Maserati in general, and usually much simpler. I guess they're like a lot of cars, keep on top of maintenance and they're fine, but neglected maintenance ends up costing.
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    Anyone else on this forum has Lotus Esprit ?

    I always liked the Esprit, but watching Harry's Garage moved my interest to another level. I've had a few relatively impulsive purchases, including an S2 Land Rover and a Fulvia. But the bigger value stuff is a bit more problematic, reliant on sales first (hate selling cars).
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    Lancia barn finds

    There's a Lancia section on here, and from my experience, a lot of love for Lancia. Great cars, especially the early kit.
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    Wanted. Manual 3200.

    964 was a great car, I had an H plate Carrera 4 in Grand Prix white. Dealers didn't want to touch them, and years later the market went nuts. I traded my car for £15k against a 993, it was absolutely mint, to the extent it was borrowed by Porsche. In hindsight, I gave it away. Maserati seem...
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    GranTurismo picture thread

    Granturismo with friends this evening...
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    Aston Martin depreciation

    For me, there's not necessarily a disconnect. Some own both or have had AM in the past. One of the things that I really like about this forum is the inclusive attitude towards other cars... it's a rare thing, and something we should value. Ps. A good guide is The Gaydon Era Aston Martin by...
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    Aston Martin depreciation

    Once they're a few years old they level out. As with anything, it's the rare cars, or the older 'last of an era' models that hold value well. I've had a V8V, and would have a V12 Vantage, Vanquish, early or late, or DBS, ideally manual. Great cars, I love an Aston. You can own one, enjoy it...
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    There are some later cars that are relatively simple, but a minority e.g. Lotus.
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    Well, I'm still interested in 1920s Bentley and Bugatti, and old Land Rovers, so maybe hope yet. If we find them fulfilling to drive, with a sense of occasion, others will. But that leaves factors of parts availability, running costs and to some extent, hands on skills or at least inclination.
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    It's nuts, but seriously... What's next? Relative rarity, possibly high rate of attrition, everyman desirability. There's clearly demand, but is that demand drying up with disinterested millennials that don't value n/a cars, manuals etc? Or is it just shifting? Open question.
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    Cars with cult following. So, what's next?
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    GT New windscreen

    Is there a fundamental issue with GT windscreens cracking? It seems that way. But why?
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    Can of worms = Open

    That'll surely go for strong money. As an aside, Milton Bryan is a lovely little place, nice pub!
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    Foose updates E Type for SEMA 2019

    While I admire the engineering and creativity, it's not for me. The original car is, to my eye, more beautiful and balanced, and not in need of being re-worked.