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  1. jamhot77

    Gransport interior retrim

    Hi all, I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a Gransport! Mechanically the car is sound but the interior needs work. Do to the poor state I was planning to replace all the blue technocloth with leather across seats, dash, headlining, doors and gaiters. I was going to keep the grey...
  2. BigFoot

    A drive in (a) California

    Friend of mine here in Tokyo (where I am on a short visit) bought a few months ago a California and gave me a ride around town yesterday. Very, very smooth car with plenty of poke but incredibly civilised and well behaved when driven lightly. The styling has grown on me and it's full of...
  3. k99

    Heater controls & air-con dead

    All fine until GS not used for 2 weeks Then air con and heater controls all inop. Eco and recirculation buttons also inop. E on display followed by dots. Drove car for about half an hour and all suddenly starts working again. Two days later same thing happens. Tried battery reset, swapping...
  4. Torenno Performance

    Performance Italia - New Big Brake Kit for all 4200 Variants

    New Big Brake Kit for 4200 Gransport, Coupe and Spyder. Formula Dynamics has released a new High Performance Big Brake Kit for all variants of the 4200GT. This kit will substantially upgrade the stopping power and performance of your factory brake system with this Street/Track Brake Kit...
  5. Budapeststu

    2002 4200 gt

    Hi All, After a year of very happy ownership I've decided to upgrade from my 2002 (52) 4200 GT to either a newer 4200 or a Gransport if my budget allows. I bought the car from a reputable indy in July last year and have had no problems, barring the need to replace the clutch shortly after...
  6. B

    Tubi Style exhausts for 4200 Coupe / Spyder

    Since I wanted my car to be 100% stock again, I am offering for sale a pair of Tubi Style exhausts (back boxes) for the 4200 Coupe / Spyder. They had just been fitted to the car when I bought it and have only been used for approx. 600-800 miles, hence they are in perfect condition. Excellent...
  7. H

    Repair advice 3200

    Hi all I have now returned to Australia and whilst the prices in the UK have fallen to levels that make me jealous unfortunatley things are not the same here, which forces me to look for other options. Attached is a picture of a damaged '01 3200GT which is going to Auction here next week...
  8. jpmondalek

    Pics of your 3200, 4200, or GranSport

    Let me start with this