maserati granturismo

  1. UlstermanAbroad

    Insurance - FYI

    Was online getting quotes today for a GT. I tend to forget about companies like Admiral because they don't sell through comparison sites. Having read very positive member comments here, made last year, I gave them a try. Admiral gave me the best quote by a wide margin, so it may be worthwhile...
  2. mattjoneslondon

    Anyone had previous experience/problems/replacing a Maserati GT Diff?

    Afternoon all, Over the weekend my 08 plate Maserati Granturismo started to make a sound similar to that of a wheel bearing on its way out. I ran it in to Grimaldi Engineering (Roberto's) who very politely dropped what he was doing to check each wheel but he couldn't find a wheel bearing...
  3. mattjoneslondon

    Info required from another newbie please

    Hello Gents, Good to meet you all. Only just joined this forum today seeking some answers and advice from those in the know! I have owned my 08 4.2 GT for almost a year now and still love it, however have just taken it in for my first service with the dealer (where it was purchased and...