Haynes Breakfast Club


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Just had a e-mail from Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, Somerset.
They are presenting a new event, presumably in the style of the Goodwood Breakfast Club/Queens Square meet.

Details http://www.haynesmotormuseum.com/events/2465-9700/haynes-breakfast-club.php


Haynes Breakfast Club

Sunday 1st Feb 2015 - Sunday 1st Feb 2015
Venue: Haynes International Motor Museum

Calling all motoring enthusiasts! On the first Sunday of each month we are running a breakfast club open to all marques. As well as meeting other vehicle owners, participants can chat over a coffee and a hearty breakfast (from a full English to a bacon roll) in Café 750. The new very popular Museum café will be open from 9am. So please do come and join us for a likeminded get together.

The 1st February breakfast, our first Haynes Breakfast Club get together, is deliberately a low key affair to introduce what is sure to be a hugely popular monthly event. Café 750 will be open from 9am serving our full breakfast menu and Museum Curator, Matt Piper is looking forward to welcoming you.

These events are free to attend and are a real opportunity for vehicle owners to show off their cars at the front of the prestigious Museum. This is the first time we have ran an event like this and we hope that you will join us for many Sundays to come.

For the second breakfast club on the 1st March and future breakfast events:

· Three Curator’s Choice VIP exclusive parking / show spaces on Haynes Green, the prime location immediately in front of Café 750; to register for one of these limited spaces please contact us via email marketing@haynesmotormuseum.co.uk stating your vehicle details attaching a current image. Closing date for entries Friday 13th February. Matt Piper, Museum Curator will select the three vehicles with the aim of always representing a broad spectrum of marques. The successful vehicle owners will be contacted one week before the event to arrange access to the elite spaces. We will also email all other entries to inform them of the results at this stage but of course we look forward to welcoming all marques to the club with equally open arms.

Future dates:
1st March
5th April
3rd May
7th June
5th July
2nd August
6th September
4th October
1st November
6th December

i might be up for that , need an excuse to drive my new car ;P ...does anyone want anything from the shop ?...anything at all? lol
Move down south...I did.

On a more serious note, events need to be organised so come on Northerners get your act together.

Manchester Transport Museam
Canal Street
Liverpool Dock Side - Salford Keys / media centre
Horse Racing centre in various locations

Lots of potential venues up there and get it on Pistonheads so its more than half a dozen Masers...thats why Bristol works, so many different cars and people.


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Its all to far - where do the Northern & Scottish members meet?

Assuming I ever buy one and wish to partake!!
No formal maser meets north of the border unfortunately. A few of us from here met up for the Scottish Italian day last year in May, not sure of the date this year. Think there is a monthly petrol head breakfast meet just outside Glasgow arranged by tartantarmac (ok to mention another forum?)


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I'm up for this, as long as all the salt is gone by the 1st March (unlikely) I'll be there for the first, if not then the April one sounds good.... Nice cross country drive this one too