The good morning thread

5,333 is what I use (Pronounced Yeah-No! ). It's the Norwegian version of the Met Office and is incredibly accurate for forecasting long range weather. I often use it to plan work, which annoys some engineers as i tell them to do maintenance today and not tomorrow (when it's going to rain!)

Too many weather apps now. Sun is out, and sky is clear for the moment. Last day in the office for this week. Have a parcel arriving today via my local DPD man have no idea which of the parcels I'm expecting it is. So some excitement for when I get home.

Have a great day all

D Walker

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Morning from Coral Bay, Cyprus, met our friend in baggage claim hall and the rest is a bit foggy, couple of sore heads today I think, I’ve been out for a recce and now sat with a coffee...
It’s a tad warm... 1436B71B-4858-4307-9931-C3840F07329E.jpg


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Morning. Had a good day with the Brera yesterday, finally got the turbo off, sealed the leak and most of its back on again. Hoping this weekend for a restart. I have a minor water leak from the back of the engine somewhere that is still to sort but hoping with the ramp it should be relatively simple to sort out.

Then off to the paint shop and out the door....finally!

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Meant to be going out for a thing at Kensington Palace tonight. I shall leave it to your imagination what sort of that event that might be.....
Dogging, again?

Morning, all. Having achieved not enough working from home the last few days, today and tomorrow I shall endeavour to make up for it by being in the office. Happily, I haven't been invited to any kind of palace (not the Crystal one, nor even the Happy Palace Gentleman's Club) so my day will be reassuringly grounded. Like the beans I need for an urgent coffee to prepare for my next call with the dreaded Finance team (cue music from Jaws).

Have a good day, good people.

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Been in the maternity ward since 8 last night, we had our 3rd boy at 00.56am. Is it wrong to have been browsing the forum in-between contractions? I'm pretty tired and want to go home!
A very good morning to all.....Nearly over the line Matt.....A man of patients AlthoughaWlthough it's be pushed to the limits this time I'm sure.