Granturismo S 2011 F1 Exhaust Valve Closed in SPORT mode

Sam McGoo

Defo the MC-Shift 1 & R (joked with the Mrs the R meant race, let her drive it and when stopped at the light she was about to press R, I very quickly told her it was reverse )

Airbag is a slit, not sure if that's a newer or older model? Car had variator seals done but not sure what the differences are.

Had a look under but you're right, no way my hand is getting in there, exhaust will have to stay open, sorry neighbours
That's cool, at least you know what your dealing with now. Open is the way forward anyway lol

I can just imagine sitting at the lights in 'R' :eek: panic!

The slit airbag is the later one, with the post mod variators from the factory.